The Abetone Pass, a well-known summer and winter tourist destination, is a road pass in the Apennines, located at the northern limit of the province of Pistoia in the town of Abetone near the border with the province of Modena. The road stretch from Pistoia to Modena was designed and built between 1766 and 1781 for agreements between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Modena; in the mid-nineteenth century and has long led to the name of Giardini-Ximenes street from the names of the two designers (Pietro Giardini for the Modenese part and Leonardo Ximenes for the Tuscan one.

At the Abetone pass there is the arrival of Pistoia-Abetone 50 km Ultra-Marathon; It is a ski area consisting of 22 lifts and 50 km of slopes, it has been 4 times the venue for the arrival of the cycle tour of the Giro d’Italia.